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Dairy & Beef

Our dairy and beef animal care and rearing products are designed to enhance the health and well-being of dairy cows and other livestock used for milk and meat production. Furthermore, we provide all the necessary essentials for successful calving and rearing, as well as the tools to prevent or treat health issues such as mastitis and lameness.


Shoof provides a diverse selection of high-quality hoofcare products for cattle, ensuring optimal hoof health and performance.

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Milking Equipment

We offer a comprehensive selection of milking equipment, including protective clothing, mastitis detection tools, udder care products, and more.

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Milking Gloves

Reduce the spread of infection and protect your hands while milking with our range of nitrile and latex milking gloves.

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We offer a wide range of identification products specifically designed for cattle, allowing farmers to easily and accurately manage their livestock.

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Give your new-borns the best start to life with our quality range of calving, lambing and kidding supplies.

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Keep your animals in the best of health with our quality drenchers and injectors.

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